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ehospice offers a single point of access to intelligence and good practice from around the world, with the aim of helping to improve patient care globally. It brings together the expertise and experience of the global hospice and palliative care community, and helps reduce the isolation felt by many people receiving or providing end of life care.

Watch their short two-minute film to learn more about the amazing work they are doing or read more about it here.

A New Tiny Superstar..

This is Simon, our little preemie boy. His birth weight was under a kilogram, and his body temperature was below normal when he arrived.

Thankfully we have a wonderful incubator, purchased with funds raised by Katie (our head nurse) sister, Rebecca, when she ran the Belfast marathon. Simon needed this incubator to survive – so now this little guy has a chance to fight, thanks to Rebecca’s passion for running. How cool to have the ability to run a marathon, and save lives while you are at it!

Read more about our new arrival on our blog

Joshua meets his new family!

Today was Joshua’s day – finally he was meeting the family who had been loving him and working towards his adoption for months. We had prepared him as best we could – talking about his family, sharing pictures and encouraging him to share his feelings. But of course, it’s still not something a little boy can truly comprehend until it happens. Such an enormous day – beginning with the sadness of another goodbye, but ending with the joy of a hallo which lasts forever.

We gave Joshua a farewell party on Friday. We kept it quiet and a little low key on purpose, as we didn’t want to overwhelm him too soon. Despite this, he did pick up on the emotions of the day and his sweet face was a little solemn. He knew this was not just an occasion for cake and sweets, but something much bigger.

We have loved every moment of his time with us, and finally today it is our privilege to watch him leave us for the welcoming arms of his forever family.

Joshua, we are so happy for you. We know you will be treasured by your family, loved unconditionally and encouraged to reach your goals in life. We know life will bring both fun times and challenging times, but from now on you will never be alone. Your family will be beside you, and we will be cheering you on from across the world! Read more about Joshua's story on our blog


Opportunities to work with BCH

Join us at a really exciting time of growth!  We are taking applications for the following vacancies -:

Director of Operations (China)

Head of Operations (Nanjing)

Head Nurse (China) - vacancy from August 2014

Childcare Manager (China)

Nurses (China)

Therapists (China)

Trustee/treasurer (worldwide)

Bi-lingual Documentary - inside BCH











Take a look at this two-part documentary created by Tianjin TV who filmed at the Changsha Butterfly Home over a period of almost a year. 

It's a  very moving insight into the work with some wonderful glimpses into the lives of the Butterfly children and their carers.

A Pearl from Ashes: Order Julie Mallinson's book - all proceeds to BCH! 

June Update!

27 children in cots in our Homes
Cared for 114 children to date age from 1 day to 10 years
61 received loving palliative/end of life care
15 had life changing surgery
9 have been adopted 4 more waiting
2 children on long term foster care
Already helped 10 families

Urgently Needed!

We have an urgent need for the below;

  • Multivitamin drops for babies and children
  • Childrens Safety Locks for drawers

See our current needs list

Thank you for all your support!

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