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Before and after.....

It’s wonderful to see what a change love makes in the life of a child. We’ve put these before and after shots of Patrick side-by-side to really show that difference.

When he was new here, his eyes were full of fear. His body was rigid. Holding him felt like holding a plank: a terrified plank who had no desire to be in your arms. Now his eyes are full of laughter. He is cheeky and outgoing, confident and sometimes silly. His little body is chubby and cuddly.

Of course Patrick still has cerebral palsy and a whole lot of other scary sounding diagnoses. He still has challenges and hard days ahead. And we still don’t know how some of those big scary words are going to play out in his actual day-to-day life. But most days, we don’t dwell on those scary words. We prefer to focus on Patrick’s status as a beautiful, beloved boy. Of course it’s important that Patrick gets the right medication, therapy and nutrition, but feeling special and knowing he is loved is equally important.

We understand that love is not a fairy-tale potion which will make all of Patrick’s challenges evaporate overnight. (Gosh, we wish it was that easy!) But just look at the amazing changes in this one little boy. It’s pretty clear that love has powerful magic.

The Saddest Boy...

Adam arrived at CSBH in early August. Our staff will never forget him. He had so many challenges – Down syndrome, hypothyroidism, malnourishment and a heart problem. He was not feeding and suffered bouts of diarrhoea. But all of his physical problems paled beside his broken heart. Adam was one of the saddest little boys we had ever met.

We were heartbroken as we watched little Adam literally give up living. He shut down his body along with his broken heart. We tried so hard to break though and show him that he was loved and that life was worth fighting for. But it was too little and too late. Adam died after only a week with us. He left before he could allow himself to receive the love we gave to him.

It’s so clear that something has to change. Please support us as we work to make quality palliative care and family support available where and when it is needed. We need you to share our stories, raise money, sponsor or donate. This is a big change and it will take a lot of people joining hands to make it happen. Adam should have been in his mother’s arms. Adam’s mother should have been helped so that she could be there for her son. This little boy had physical disease, but we watched him die of a broken heart. It shouldn’t be like that.

Opportunities to work with BCH

Join us at a really exciting time of growth!  We are taking applications for the following vacancies -:

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Take a look at this two-part documentary created by Tianjin TV who filmed at the Changsha Butterfly Home over a period of almost a year. 

It's a  very moving insight into the work with some wonderful glimpses into the lives of the Butterfly children and their carers.

A Pearl from Ashes: Order Julie Mallinson's book - all proceeds to BCH! 

August Update!

28 children in cots in our Homes
Cared for 135 children to date age from 1 day to 10 years
68 received loving palliative/end of life care
15 had life changing surgery
10 have been adopted 4 more waiting
2 children on long term foster care
Already helped 11 families

Urgently Needed!

We have an urgent need for the below;

  • Baby Clothes 0-3 months (especially boys)
  • Premature Babygros
  • Movicol
  • Preemie Baby Nappies/Diapers
  • Multi Vitamin Drops for Babies and Children

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