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We now have two Hospices open, in Changsha and in Nanjing. Both are filled to capacity with children who desperately need love, care and hope. Each child has a life limiting condition, and has been abandoned. They come to us with broken hearts and serious illness, yet love changes their stories in amazing ways. Tenderness and encouragement brings joy to children who have known too much sorrow. Good nutrition gives them the strength to fight for life. Quality medical care can bring positive outcomes, even when dire predictions are made.

These pictures show Olivia at admission, and then again after six months of devoted care.


When she arrived she was starving and miserable. She flinched when she was touched and cried inconsolably for most of the day.  Today she has gained weight, become stronger and learnt to love. It’s hard to even recognize her!

It’s vital that we continue to fund this life changing work. We need to continue our services to children like Olivia, and develop pathways to reach families in need before the heart-breaking moment of abandonment. We feel sure that with good support, respite care and access to medical services, many families would not make this devastating choice.

You can help tremendously by supporting our Love.Care.Hope campaign to raise funds and awareness. We urgently need to raise US$30 000 to keep our current cots open. Success depends on our supporters!

Here’s what you can do:

Visit our Indiegogo site: Love.Care.Hope
Donate as much or as little as you can – every dollar is one step closer to our target
Share in any way possible : Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, in the playground, over coffee – whenever and wherever you can. We need to get the word out.
We thank you for all you have done to support Butterfly Children’s Hospices. Your support has directly changed the lives of some incredible children. Please continue with us today by joining this urgent campaign.

Opportunities to work with BCH

Join us at a really exciting time of growth!  We are taking applications for the following vacancies -:

Nurses (China)

Therapists (China)

Trustee/treasurer (worldwide)

Bi-lingual Documentary - inside BCH











Take a look at this two-part documentary created by Tianjin TV who filmed at the Changsha Butterfly Home over a period of almost a year. 

It's a  very moving insight into the work with some wonderful glimpses into the lives of the Butterfly children and their carers.

A Pearl from Ashes: Order Julie Mallinson's book - all proceeds to BCH! 

November Update!

27 children in cots in our Homes
Cared for 131 children to date age from 1 day to 17 years
70 received loving palliative/end of life care
16 had life changing surgery
10 have been adopted 4 more waiting
 3 children on long term foster care
Already helped 11 families

Urgently Needed!

We have an urgent need for the below;

  • Movicol
  • Preemie Baby Nappies/Diapers
  • Multi Vitamin Drops for Babies and Children

See our current needs list

Thank you for all your support!

Take an inside look at the Butterfly Home!



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